I capture moments, places, people and emotions and seal them forever in a photograph. 


I grew up in San Diego, CA where I lived until my family moved to Spain when I was still in high school. It was here that my love of photography really took off. Everything around me was new and I wanted to photograph it all. I have also lived in Italy and traveled extensively throughout Europe, which has probably had the largest impact upon my craft. I


try not to limit myself by subject as I see beauty and interest in the smallest macro photograph and largest landscape scene. I get great joy by seeing the positive reactions of my clients when they see their portraits for the first time. Client satisfaction is paramount to what I do.


My goal is to capture the beauty, serenity, style and essence of whatever my subject might be, whether that is person or place. When photographing people, I prefer to do so outside and away from a studio. I want people to be comfortable and to tell their story, in ways and settings, in which they are comfortable. 


I offer location/travel prints for purchase and am available for portrait or commercial shoots as well. I am based in South Carolina but travel is a possibility based upon client needs and my availability.